greenland After a critically acclaimed tour through Greenland, culminating in the well-received final concert in the whaling station of Uummannaq, when bass player and occasional drummer hl25 nearly collapsed, shaken by grievous liver pains during the final encore (indubitably, years of alcohol abuse were making themselves felt), the band embarked on what was to be its ill-fated last journey. Only hl25 decided to stay behind, as it appeared that a few days of rest would be advisable before enduring the voyage back home. This shows that a long history of excessive alcohol intake can actually save one’s life occasionally, when fate so decrees. At 5:00 a.m. on a misty 2003 January morning the ice-breaker ‚Endurance‘ (so named after Ernest Shackleton‘s skipper that was lost in the Wedell Sea in 1914), set sail for the Faroes, where it was due to arrive two weeks hence.

endurance Three days after the Endurance had left Uummannaq, a garbled radio message was received by the Maniitsoq lighthouse operator, that to this day remains a great mystery. Some say that this message could be regarded as circumstantial evidence proving the existence of the fabled, yet still nameless sea-monster, that Hyne had immortalized in the song ‘Plucked from the bridge in the prime of life’ a few months earlier. He had always insisted that he had actually seen it and miraculously escaped its depredations, when the whaling ship ‚Arviq‘s Death‘ had allegedly been attacked by it and disappeared forever in the depths of the Bering Sea 10 years earlier. Some say that Hyne had probably played one last practical joke when realizing that all calls for help were going to be futile, and that the ‚Endurance‘ had in fact merely rammed an iceberg (a re-enactment of this mysterious communication is contained on the CD). In any event, the ‚Endurance‘ never arrived at its destination and was finally declared lost 3 weeks after it had left Uummannaq.

Some time later an Eskimo walrus hunting party discovered a number of remains from the skipper, which had been washed ashore near Qaqortoq in the summer of ‘03. Among them were personal effects known to have belonged to the band members (including a legendary 8-person hookah), as well as a plastic container with the master tape of a number of songs that had been recorded a year earlier. Luckily the tape had remained largely undamaged. The contents of this tape have been faithfully restored and digitized by the surviving hl25 in order to make the band‘s work available to posterity.